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World Atlas of Nudibranchs « TURTLE PROD

World Atlas of Nudibranchs

• The new fantastic World Atlas of Nudibranchs by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter is out. It shows nearly 1200 species of the Nudibranchia (no other Opisthobranchia) figured on +2600 colour photographs. The quality of the photographs is unsurpassed in color rendition and resolution. The book’s authors have gone to great lenghts to demonstrate locational color variation within a species, a feature that is sure to be appreciated. Unterwasser dive magazine of Germany has recently named Nudibranchs of the World as the book of the year! This book is a must for any and all sea slug enthusiasts!
• Helmut Debelius et Rudie H. Kuiter
• 68.00€
• IKA 17

















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